What Makes A Good Piano Practice Space?

If you have managed to set your practice space in the right manner, playing on your piano can be a really enjoyable activity. You certainly cannot practice your piano playing skills well if the instrument is located at a place that produces too much echoes such as the basement or at the center of the action room, mainly lounge where other family members spend most of their day playing and watching TV. Many people also find basements to be a creepy place and do not like the idea of going there. So having your piano set there won’t be a good choice. It is very important that you put your piano in a nice and quiet area where you are comfortable.

Following are some of the guidelines which you must keep in mind while determining the ideal piano practice space in your home. Once you have managed to set up a nice playing space, you can contact Los Angles piano movers for shifting your instrument safely. Here are tips to help you set up an ideal space:

Piano bench

Piano bench

Make sure you do not use a chair for playing your piano. Invest in a good bench and you will love the experience. Chairs are usually too low and therefore do not offer a good sitting posture that is required for playing a piano. Chairs with arms will distract your own arms as you play the instrument. Benches aren’t expensive at all and therefore you must give it a serious thought.

Notebook, pen and pencil

People do keep a notebook with their piano so that they can write down their practice goals in it and place it in an organizer tray. In case your piano does not have one, you can keep a notebook close at hand as you will be using it regularly. You can use pen to write on the notebook and a pencil for making marks directly on the music.

Good lighting

The practice room must have proper light. In case the room isn’t bright, you may get a lamp for yourself because you would certainly not want to get a headache while squinting at music or hurt your back while hunching forward. Lamps are a good choice as they creative positive effect on the ambience.

Good temperature

Cold rooms are not a good place for practicing piano. This is because your body and especially your fingers will find it hard to play and the piano experience would be quite strenuous. This is the reason why experts recommend not placing your pianos in basements.


This would support the point discussed above. Piano should be placed in a room that is easy to access. Again, basement would not be a good choice. A flight of stairs may not seem to be a big deal in the beginning but it will when you are lounging on the couch right in front of TV. If your piano is close to your living space, you will find it easy to sit down and play. Make it as easy as possible to get to your piano.


Having a clock nearby is important as it will help you in keeping a record of your practice time. You may wish to set time estimates for how long you should practice. It could be ten minutes for warm up, fifteen minutes of technique and so on. Therefore, clock would be an invaluable asset for staying focused and well organized.


Above all, your practice space must be inviting. If playing piano relaxes your nerves, you must have a space that complements your needs. After all, you may be spending three to four hours a week there so you must make an effort in making it conducive!

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