What It Takes To Perform A Professional Piano Move

It is highly recommended that you hire a professional mover if you have a piano that needs to be moved. This is especially important if there are elevators, stairs or steps incorporated during the move. Pianos are very delicate instruments as well as heavy and awkward when moving them. They are also valuable and as such, should be handled with care.

So what exactly does a professional piano move involve? What do the experts do to ensure the wellbeing of your piano during relocation? For starters, they offer extra pair of hands. It’s impossible to move a piano by yourself due to its heavy weight and the danger that that weight could have on a person.

The best thing about professional piano moving is that there are at least two people available to move a piano. This makes it easy and safe to move the piano from one place to another and up or down the stairs. The other benefit of using professional piano movers is that it offers added protection for your piano. This is achieved in different ways like using padding and moving blankets. The edges are also wrapped and secured with packing tape. All these are done to ensure the protection of your piano. Here’s what actually involved in a professional piano move:

Use of proper equipment

Generally, standard piano dollies are vital for a piano move. However, there is different equipment meant for different types of pianos. For instance, having a four wheel dolly reduces the manpower required to move a piano to almost nothing. This is because the weight of the piano is mostly centered on the dolly’s support, making it almost weightless.

When scheduling a piano move, it’s important to inform the company of the type of piano you have. This will enable the company to bring the appropriate dollies. The weight of different pianos varies and this means that some are heavier than others. For heavier pianos, heavy duty straps are required to provide a better hold on the dolly. In a bid to protect the piano, straps that go around the piano and on top of the blankets offer more secure placement for the blankets and offer protection to the keyboard keys as well.

Lifting the piano


Whether the piano is being lifted to a dolly or the moving truck or simply moving it to a new location, it should not be lifted by its legs because they are fragile. Even support on all sides of the piano is important to ensure a clean lift. The piano shouldn’t be turned on its sides as this could lead to damaged inner components. Most of the weight of pianos comes from the cast iron harp responsible for holding the strings together. Considering the lightest pianos weigh at least 300lbs, it’s no use lifting the piano by yourself. A professional mover is equipped with the necessary lifting equipment.

Securing the piano inside the truck

Pianos are usually placed against the back of a moving truck. When securing them to the truck, planks of wood are used to level the ground as not every truck is level. The movers are also careful to relieve the pressure on the legs of the piano to reduce strain is a bid to stabilize in a moving truck. This is achieved by securing the piano to the wall of the truck.

Reaching the final destination

Before moving a piano, make sure that there’s a good spot where it can be placed. The best place to keep, it would against an inner wall and away from the windows. It’s important to remember that the inner components of pianos are very delicate and any wrong move can result in damage. When all is said and done, the piano should be tuned. Some piano movers in Orange County can even do the tuning for you once they’ve delivered the piano to the new location, so check this out when you engage them for a move.

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