Want To Pack Your Piano Like A Pro In Preparation For Shifting?

Packing and shifting a piano is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a delicate touch and some basic knowledge of its parts so that the possibility of damage during the move is reduced. Even before moving this instrument, special expertise is required for its secure packing as well. It is because of this reason why hiring piano movers in San Fernando Valley are always preferred and recommended. In case you have decided to pack your piano yourself, you may find the following tips very useful:

Get tools such as gloves

Even if you are not moving the piano yourself, wrapping the instrument calls for a firm grip. Furthermore, you must make sure that your hands are well protected. Therefore, investing in some nice gloves would be a good idea for this job. You can easily use those gloves for some other projects around the house later.

Piano casters

Remember that the casters of the piano are not sturdy enough to support the weight of piano while moving. Therefore, make sure you do not drag the instrument when you are wrapping it as you may end up breaking the casters or damage your flooring.

If you are handy and have some knowledge on how to use basic tools, it is better if you remove its legs. Once the legs are removed, they must be wrapped separately and carefully in a padded blanket. Later, tape each of them so that they remain protected. Make sure you keep them separate and not together in one box.

Be careful of the wood

piano movers

The very first thing people notice about a piano is its elegant and fragile wood. Before you begin to wrap your piano, make sure that the tape you are using does not come in contact with the wood. If you do, the tape will ruin the wood and of course will affect the appearance of your piano as well. Remember that using tape on the wooden surface of the instrument should not be your last choice even.

Protecting the lid and the keyboard

While shifting your piano, it is really important to take extra care of the piano lid and keys because both are quite delicate. When you begin to pack, lock the keyboard lid first. In case it does not lock, simply close the lid and secure it tightly when wrapping the piano. Remember, you are not supposed to use tape directly on any part of piano.

Wrapping your piano

When packing your piano for moving, you need to wrap it very well. You will have to use either mover’s padded blankets or soft blankets so that the piano can be fully covered and there are no scratches as you move the instrument. Tape can be used for holding its pieces together and at times packing string is also used for extra support. In case you have a slight doubt that your piano will get wet during the move, you must cover it with a plastic wrap after you have secured the piano with blankets.

Ensure a safe path for movers

As you pack your piano, you must check that there is sufficient space in your room for the movers to come in and maneuver the piano easily from its place. There should not be any boxes cluttering the pathways as it would cause unnecessary risk and complications. The moving path should be properly cleared so that the piano can be gently moved with perfect ease.

Many people show reluctance in hiring piano movers to pack the piano because of their service charges. You can consider the above mentioned tips for packing the piano yourself and let the movers take charge of the shifting process. This way, you will be able to save money and also lower the risk of damaging the piano during the moving process.

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