Useful Tips To Prepare Your Piano For A Storage Unit

If you own a piano, you know how valuable it is and it is important to take care of your precious investment. Keeping it safe and protected at all times will help to ensure that you enjoy it for a long time to come. Whether you are planning to move, renovating your home or you do not have adequate storage space in your home, it is a good idea to find out how to store your piano. The value of a piano may vary depending on the size, model and age, but in most cases, it is valuable. Most pianos are large and heavy, but they are also quite delicate and you need to be careful where they are stored.

If you decide to keep the piano in a storage unit, you have to be careful about the facility that you choose and how you arrange for piano moving in Los Angeles. It is also important to remember that you should not leave the piano in a storage unit for a long time. This should be a temporary measure and you should always choose a local facility that is close enough to ensure that you check on it periodically. You need to make sure that your piano is handling the storage well to avoid damage. Following are some things that you can do to prepare the instrument for storage.


Clean and inspect the piano

Before putting the piano in storage, it is a good idea to clean it carefully. It is not a good idea to store a dusty organ as this can lead to pest infestation, rust and other forms of damage. Take the opportunity to inspect it and check for any imperfections especially if you are using a moving company. Polish it and make sure that all the casters are tight before the move. Use a damp cloth to wipe all the keys and make sure that you choose a polish that is appropriate for the stored piano. Obviously, you should ensure that you use movers who have the expertise and experience moving pianos.

Choose a climate-controlled unit

When looking for a storage facility, look for one that has climate controlled units. Climate control is a very important factor when storing a piano. The instrument is extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Extreme changes in temperature can cause warping and even deterioration of finish. It is also important to know that pianos stored in harsh environments get out of tune much faster than those in temperature-controlled conditions. Some experts recommend using mothballs during winter but you must remember to remove them before playing the piano.

When to tune the piano

You may want to tune the piano before moving, but experts agree that you should wait until after the move. Wait to tune the instrument after it has acclimated to the new environment. To make sure that your instrument is ready to play when you get it out of storage, wait for at least two weeks after the move before it is tuned. This is a good reason why you should choose a storage facility near you where you can access your unit at any time. Remember that you should not leave it in the unit for too long.

Cover the piano with fabric

When you move the piano into the storage unit, use a fabric cover to protect the instrument from dust and other particles in the air. Avoid using plastic as it can cause damage. Obviously, the piano should be stored in an upright position before covering it with a sheet or blankets. Keeping the piano covered will prevent damage to the inner parts of the instruments both during the move and when it is in storage. The inner workings are especially susceptible to damaging particles when the piano is not in use.

Remember the accessories

When preparing the piano for the move, do not forget the accessories. Make sure that all the items related to the instrument are stored together. Keeping all the accessories together will make them easy to find when you decide to move the instrument out of storage. Do not overlook anything, from the bench, to the music books. This will help to ensure that you do not misplace anything, especially if you have other items in the unit. As tempting as it might be, do not place anything over the piano lid, especially heavy items, as they can cause damage.

Moving a piano can be a daunting task and it is not one that you should attempt yourself. Make sure that you use professional movers, specifically those who deal with piano moving. The instrument is quite delicate and it is important to leave the job to people with the right expertise and equipment. Precautions need to be taken when moving the piano to avoid irreparable or expensive internal or external damage. Also, make sure that the piano is tuned after you take it out of storage.

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