Useful Piano Care and Maintenance Tips

Given the size and complexity of a piano, it might seem like too much hassle is involved in the maintenance of the instrument. It is better to care of your piano to avoid the headaches that damage to the instrument might cost you. That is why you should learn more about how to clean your piano as well as the instrument’s keys and learn how to spot interior and external damage

Cleaning Your Piano

On first sight, a piano might seem like an indestructible beast, but the contrary is actually true. The instrument is just as fragile as other pieces of furniture. Cleaning your piano just like cleaning your table can lead to external damage regardless of how precious the wood is. This is why it is important to learn about the right piano cleaning practices.

Caring For Your Piano Keys


If you were to determine how often you wipe your computer’s monitor than you do the germ ridden keyboard, you would be astonished. Just like computer keyboards, piano keys are germ ridden due to the constant contact with fingers. It is important to pay close attention to the keys when you are making the rest of the piano sparkle. You should learn some of the inside tricks on how to dust, whiten and disinfect your instrument’s keys; and get tips on how to care for pure ivory.

Piano Tuning

Of all the stringed instruments, the piano is the least tuned. This is due to the fact that a piano can remain in tune for a fairly long period. Most pianists and piano owners do not tune their own pianos. Many piano owners rarely tune their pianos unless they hear a bad pitch at which point it can cost twice as much to repair.

Consult A Piano Technician

Whether you need a diagnostic, an appraisal, a tuning or simply looking for someone to assist you shop for a good piano, you can always consult a professional to keep both you and your piano happy.

Piano Damage Detection And Prevention 

While it is easier to assume that your piano is in good working order as long as the keys play tune, it is always important to contact a professional if you think the instrument is damaged. It is also important to learn how to detect and prevent damage in a piano.

Moving The Piano

In old English, the word ‘piano’ means an extremely heavy thing that damages your back, makes you spend time in the hospital and hurts your wallet. Grand pianos should never be moved, even if it is a short distance without at least three brawny types to support it. The small legs attached to keep the instrument in a stationary position hold an incredible amount of weight. In a situation like this, where the piano has to be moved, there are dollies available on which the instrument is permanently placed for safety.

Even in situations where you are moving the piano from one side of the house to another, it is important to make arrangements with San Diego piano movers to get the job professionally done. This will cost you significantly less than the amount you would chunk out in the case of a damaged piano. When moving your piano from one geographical area to another, it is even more important that you hire a professional piano mover.

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