The Five Things You Need to Know to Move a Piano

If you are planning on shifting your home from one location to the next, it is important that you hire a mover, or call a packing and moving company. This is because you may have several items that are fragile, or are large and difficult to move. If you have a piano, then you are aware of the difficulties of moving a piano. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you know how to move a piano, and that you have the required material to secure and transport something as heavy and as fragile as a piano. While moving the piano, it is important that you are careful and patient – it is a lengthy process, and must be done with care.

Piano moving

The first thing you need to know is to know the kind of piano you plan to move. For example, if you have a spinet piano, you need to know that even though spinet pianos are small, they weigh at least 300 pounds, and are difficult to move. Similarly, other pianos will be uniquely constructed – certain models may have weaker legs, and may carry weight at the top end. The size and proportion of the piano is important, because you will need to make sure the piano fits through the door without causing any damage to the door or to the piano.
The next thing to keep in mind is to plan your route before you actually begin to move the piano. With a tape measure, measure the piano to make sure that it fits through every door and opening between your home and the outside. Make sure that the moving truck has the ramp open, and that there is plenty of space within the truck to place the piano. Make sure that there are enough people to carry the piano; otherwise the weight may be too much for one person to carry.
The next thing to do is to wrap the piano well. Make sure that you wrap the piano in protective covering, to keep the piano intact with all its moving parts. Make sure that this blanket is well wrapped around the entire piano – so that the piano stays safe during the journey.
While moving the piano, make sure you have enough people helping you lift the piano. Using your legs, squat down and keep your back straight, and lift your end of the piano. Make sure that everyone works together, and that the way is clear of any obstacles. Make sure that everyone moves together as a unit. It is important to take a break every few steps; put the piano down, and re-establish your grip. This way, you will not tire yourself out while carrying your piano, and avoid any unfortunate accidents. Along with this, multiple breaks will help everyone catch their breath, and if someone is unable to carry the piano, make sure that there is someone else who is willing to step in. If you happen to own a particularly large piano, it is recommended that you get a wide dolly, to strap the piano on top and then roll the dolly to the truck. Make sure that you have enough people to help tip the piano onto the dolly and gently easy the piano onto the dolly from beginning to end. Make sure that you lift the piano from the dolly if the road is not smooth, or if any obstacles come in the way. If you feel like the piano is out of balance, make sure you yell to attract the attention of others and gently set the piano down, and adjust your grip before trying again.
Once you’ve set the piano down in the truck, make sure you examine the piano for any damages that may have been caused during the move. If the piano is safe, make sure you secure it well in the truck, so that the piano remains safe during the journey. It is recommended you seek the help of a professional here; they will be able to secure your piano with the appropriate material to ensure that your piano reaches your destination safe and sound.

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