San Fernando Valley Piano Movers

If you are looking for a group of reliable and affordable San Fernando Piano Movers ­ you just found them. We understand how important your piano is for you, and if you are still trying to decide between the companies that do piano moves in San Fernando Valley, let us help you focus on the things you need to better help you decide.

You need a company that specializes in Piano Moves in San Fernando Valley and surrounding cities. We do only piano and organ moves and travel to Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County. Specializing in this specific type of extremely delicate and heavy cargo allowed us to gain invaluable experience in everything that has to do with the moving, lifting, transportation and storing of pianos. While many other companies work in a small area and carry appliances, furniture and pianos ­ we do pianos only​. A company that does not specialize may treat your piano like it would a washer/drier or a sofa. We, on the other hand, always profess reverent care for those wondrous and precious musical instruments.

We travel farther than many local movers. We focus on piano moves only and it allows us to specialize and spread out over a larger area. A smaller company may satisfy someone who is seeking San Fernando Valley piano movers for a move next door, but any larger move becomes impossible with a company working in a specific locale. A move to LA or other town will not be a problem for us as we travel there all the time, know the roads and know how to get your piano there safely.

Specialized piano moving equipment is super important. Moving equipment that is built and designed to be especially used for moving pianos is an absolute must when handling those gentle giants. You cannot be too careful when lifting and transporting a piano, especially if the move is difficult ­ up a narrow staircase or onto a second storey window or balcony.

Specialized transportation is also very important for a piano, especially when you are moving it in cold, hot or rainy weather. A truck that is made for piano moves is not only equipped with a super safe lifting ramp, but is also padded, carpeted and completely sealed, so as to keep your instrument safe from extreme temperatures and humidity that can wreak havoc on it in just a few hour drive.

Specialized Piano Storage is also available in addition to our usual services, in case you need to put it away for a while and don’t want to stick it into a damp basement or up a cold attic somewhere. Our piano storage facilities are fully climate controlled and dehumidified, keeping your piano safe at all seasons up until you want it back.

As you can probably see by now, the decision is really very simple. Call us now for the best San Fernando Valley piano movers service and we guarantee that you will also be pleasantly surprised by our amazing prices!