San Diego Piano Movers

There seem to be a great many piano movers companies in San Diego and surrounding cities, and we often hear that it is hard to decide which one to hire. Well, that’s really until you had the amazing experience of working with us.

We endeavor to provide the most professional, courteous and above all ­ safe piano moving service in San Diego. We know how important your piano is to you. We know it is likely the centerpiece of your living room and a real relic and family heirloom. Many pianos that people own are antiques, inherited from their parents and are often a hub of memories of the family holding hands and singing Christmas carols or celebrating birthdays or anniversaries.

Keeping the piano safe is of utmost concern to us and we have the know how, training and equipment to ensure a 100% safe move for your beloved and prized musical instrument.

We are the number one service among the San Diego piano movers and for several very good reasons.

1. We specialize in Pianos​. No side jobs, no other moves and no gigs. We focus. Pianos and Organs are the only type of cargo we carry. This gives us a way above than average familiarity and expertise with those instruments. We know how to carry and handle them, we know how to keep them safe and have handled every type of piano or organ you can think of, up to and including huge Royal Pianos ­ by far the biggest and most delicate type of piano there is..

2. Over 20 years of Experience​. We are not at all new in the business of piano moving San Diego. Our central office is located in LA, and we have been expanding ever since. Most San Diego piano movers are new, and we can tell you most won’t stay in the business for long. We have.

3. We have never once incurred a claim. ​This is the main reason we are in this business for as long as we have been. We are so reliable that we keep being hired and rehired by a whole list of regular clients including local businesses and musical instrument shops!

4. No piano moving job is too difficult​. There is no such thing as a no can do move. We have a whole arsenal of top notch high tech lifting equipment and superbly trained personnel that can move a piano up the narrowest staircases, into windows and up onto balconies. And it is all done ever so slowly and with reverent regard to the instrument’s safety.

In addition to San Diego piano mover services, we also cover a wide area, including Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Orange county. Our trucks are equipped with extra safe lifting ramps and are fully padded and weatherproofed specifically for piano transportation.

With us your instrument is in good hands, so call now to hire the best Piano Movers in San Diego!