Orange County Piano Movers

Looking for affordable piano moving services in Orange County? You’ve just found them!

We are located and are operating in and around Los Angeles and are the best choice you can make for your piano or organ to be moved or stored. If you are having trouble making a decision between the many companies out there, let us help you out ­ take a look at their experience. That’s right, most companies out there are a few years into the business. We’ve been moving pianos for over 20 years now and for a good reason.

Orange county piano movers come and go, but we stay. We are getting better and better at what we do, getting the best tools for this highly specialized job, moving into new areas and actually reducing prices​as we go. You heard us right ­ the price is going DOWN.

We save by having our own crew, our own trucks, and our own storage facilities. We outsource nothing, we own and do everything ourselves, taking good care that the job is done right.

We Use Top of the Line Equipment.

From manual lifting and safety gear to powerful but delicate cranes and hydraulic lifters on the back of the trucks ­ everything we use is top notch technology and is meant to carry your piano or organ safely and effortlessly.

The trucks themselves are carpeted and lined with blankets, as well as weatherproofed. A perfect understanding of how delicate, precious and fragile a piano is makes us care for it and treat it with utmost caution. No extreme temperature, dust or humidity will be allowed to touch your prized possession while it is in our care.

We are covered by a full Freight Insurance.

We have never had to cover a claim (that is actually one of the main reasons we managed to thrive when others don’t stick around for long), but still ­ we add insurance that will cover any unexpected damage. Anything that happens on the road that may cause damage to the instrument will be covered by us even if it is not our fault. Hazards, slides, fires, accidents ­ we are covered.

We cover a vast area

As mentioned before, we are not just Orange County piano movers ­ we cover the entire area around LA, including San Diego and San Fernando Valley. A move between the cities? Sure, no problem!

Fully Weatherproof Storage

In case you need to keep the piano safe for a while and don’t want to stick the delicate instrument in a basement somewhere ­ we can offer a set of excellent storage facilities with full climate control, where it will be kept nice and safe right until you want it back. We do difficult piano moves as well, and can use a crane to tuck it right into a second storey balcony or up a very narrow staircase. Call us now to book the services of the best Orange

County Piano Movers ­ and you will be also pleasantly surprised by the prices!