Moving A Spinet Piano Professionally

Moving specialized instruments such as a Spinet piano from one location to another require a lot of planning, time and effort. These instruments are awfully heavy and come with finishes that are quite vulnerable to dents, nicks and scratches. Even the older varieties of upright types of pianos are extremely heavy and hard to move. Here are some steps to efficiently and safely move your Spinet piano:

Start by knowing your piano

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It pays to know your type of a piano so as to easily and effectively move it to a new location. For instance, if yours is a Spinet piano, then you might want to know it is one of the smallest types of a piano and that are commonly found in homes. This kind of a piano was in production from 1930s all through to the end of the 20th century. The l instrument is quite compact and boasts of having all the main mechanisms situated inside. Topping out at approximately three feet, this piano is quite short. Moreover, the sorts of pianos are normally fifty eight inches in length, the same as most kinds of upright pianos.

Unfortunately, despite the instrument being relatively short compared to most of the others within the same range, it easily weighs around three hundred pounds. This makes the job of moving them to new locations a team effort that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Whichever type of a piano you want moved, make sure to first know it before its move.

Plan the route

It is recommended to have a clear route when moving your piano. Ensure to communicate this route to everyone involved in the move. With an appropriate measuring tape, make sure that your organ will fit through your doors and other openings you are planning to move it through. Where the piano is being moved out of a home to a moving van, have the van open and any moving ramps deployed well in advance before the move. It is recommended to move the instrument before moving any other furniture pieces in your home. This ensures that there is sufficient room for the moving team to maneuver the instrument into place.

For everyone’s safety, one person per a hundred pounds is recommended for spinet and upright piano moves. However, there should be extra personnel to help in other ways such as opening the doors, and stepping in should one of the movers start to get worn out.

Prepare the instrument being moved

Start by locking down the organ’s lids such as keyboard lid, the main lid, and the likes. The piano should then be wrapped in special moving blankets or any applicable thick blanket. Use a good packing tape to secure the blankets around the instrument. This will prevent wear and tear on the corners and finishes.

Lastly, move the piano

Since a Spinet is a relatively small instrument, it is easier to move compared to other types of pianos. However, similar to all other kinds of pianos, the organ can be quite heavy to lift. As such, make sure there are enough movers to help lift and move it from one spot to another. Each person should then list up a different part of the instrument in unison. Ensure that all the lifters are lifting the instrument from firmly beneath its body, for its safety. It should be noted that the piano should never be lifted more than a few feet without the movers stopping to reset their grip.

All in all, the surest and safest way to move a Spinet piano up or down a flight of stairs is to have expert piano movers to help you out. Though seemingly small-sized, a Spinet piano is quite a heavy instrument making it a dangerous to move from one location to another. As such, it is recommended that you hire the services of experienced and expert Los Angeles piano movers to help you out. After all, you don’t want to end up damaging your prized instrument, do you?

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