Moving A Piano: How Many People Are Actually Needed?

The answer to this question varies depending on a few factors that you have to consider first. Some of these factors include the type of the piano and the people who are moving the piano. If the movers are piano specialists, then it is possible to move it without the need of a lot of people since they are experienced of how to move the piano while ensuring its safety.

Pianos are of different types. Before moving a piano therefore, it is essential to first of all, know the piano types so that you will be able to know the number of people needed to move it.

Semi-concert piano

It is also known as the ballroom. Semi-concert piano is about 7’ in its size and may require about four to five people who are strong to move it in a safe manner.

Studio piano


This is usually a big piano. It ranges from 3’9 to 4’ in height with an estimated weight of up to 400lbs. A studio piano can be mostly found in schools specializing in music as it is considered as the best in terms of tone and size. The minimum number of people required to move the type of piano safely is true.

Upright piano

Upright piano is usually divided into groups of four. The first group is the spinets, which are the smallest in size at 4’10” long and 3’ tall. Their weight range from a minimum of 200lbs to a maximum of 300lbs. Spinets require a maximum of two people who are strong enough to move it in a safe manner.

The other group is called the console pianos. Consoles are a bit taller than the spinets as they range from a height of 3’4” to 3’7”. They weigh the same as the spinets. Still, they also require only two people to move them safely. In case of stairs, however, the move will require an extra person.

Classic uprights

Classic uprights are the largest pianos in the group of the upright pianos. They are approximately 500lbs and more in weight depending on the variety. These pianos require four movers or even more to ensure a safe move.

Baby grand

Baby grand piano is approximately 5’7” or more in length and weigh 500lbs or more. The weight and length depends on the variety of the piano in a particular group. Baby grand is also among the biggest in terms of horizontal height. They require three to four people to move it, but after the pedals and the legs have been removed.

Horizontal (grand) piano

Horizontal grand is considered as a bit complex and mostly used by expert pianists. As mentioned, it is complex in structure and shape and therefore, need to be first disassembled so that it can be moved with ease and safely. It also requires piano experts who have the piano moving equipment to move them. One of the grand called the petite, which is the smallest usually require three or four movers at least to move it.

Concert grand

This type of piano is 9’ long. It is very similar to the semi-concert only that the concert grand is way heavier. Due to its heaviness, it mostly requires up to six people to move it. It is also good to note that concert grand requires extra care when moving because the heavier the piano, the more delicate it is.

The parlor grand

It is very similar in characteristics and structure with the baby grand piano. The difference is that the parlor is a little bit bigger, however: the number of movers required is just the same as for the baby grand, three to four movers.

As seen, the number of movers required to move a piano usually depend on several factors; the main one being the type of piano. Whichever type of piano you have, you should always get the help from experienced and affordable piano movers in San Diego to ensure a safe piano moving endeavor.

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