Moving A Piano And Hiring Piano Movers

If there is one stressing time in a person’s life, it is when moving from one location to another. What with all the preparations and minute details to make sure the move goes as planned? The move can be particularly very stressful if a person has not hired the right people o help move delicate furniture pieces such as a prized piano. This kind of a musical instrument need to be handled with extra care as it is quite delicate. This being the case, not just anyone can successfully move a piano.

Who should handle a piano’s move from one location to another?

A piano mover should be well informed on its parts so as to successfully handle its relocation from point A to B. With so many types of pianos at different homes, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some of them have detachable parts which if left in the hands of inexperienced people could all end up damaged. Not only this, inefficient or improper packaging and then moving the instrument could cause lead it to play discordant tunes. With the sentiments and emotions attached to a piano, the right people to handle its relocation should be expert piano movers.

An average piano weighs approximately 400-900 pounds. A grand piano weighs between 600 and 1300 pounds. This being the case, unlike other pieces of furniture in a home or office, a piano requires special instruments to move it from one place to another. And depending on its make, age, condition and model, the value of a piano can range from just a few dollars to thousands of it.

Most of the piano moves involve removing the instrument from very tight spaces such as squeezed staircases, or door frames. In some case, the instrument requires to be dismantled so as to get it out of the house. This means that the mover must have adequate training and equipments to correctly move a piano to and from different locations. Using these sorts of professionals can drastically reduce the risk of damage to the instrument and to your house.

According to the experts, there are a number of cases where some piano owners have hired ordinary household movers to move their instrument only to end up with extensively damaged or malfunctioning pianos. They are lured to hire these kinds of movers in a number of ways, lowered moving prices being the major one. This all end up being a costly mistake. You don’t want to experience this, do you? Simply hire the right piano moving service provider to help move your prized instrument for you.

How is a piano moved?


Once you have hired the right piano moving service provider, expect about two to three people to come to your house equipped with piano moving pads, slings, skids, ramps, and other specialized piano moving aids. These experts also come armed with appropriate knowledge of how to move your particular type of a piano successfully. Simply put, professional piano movers utilize a number of special techniques to maneuver the piano out of your home. The instrument is then put on the truck and safely secured on it so as to avoid damages while on transit. If the move is extra difficult, then around four to six people are used.

Generally speaking, if the instrument is moved by a person other than an expert piano mover, then the right moving knowledge, equipment and safety measures are all ignored. This in most cases lead to costly damages that could have all been avoided if the right piano moving professionals are hired. Although hiring a professional piano mover does not completely eliminate the risk of damages, it hugely minimizes it. A reputable piano mover will always assess the situation and inform the owner if there is a likelihood of damage prior to beginning the move. He will also advise him on the best course of action so as to guarantee a successful move.

Are all piano movers in the market the same?

Like in any other trade, all piano movers in the market today are not equal as some and their services are better than the others. Some also are better experienced meaning that the level of service quality is they offer is higher than what is offered by many. These are better prepared and equipped and act with more integrity and care than the others in the same market.

It is possible to get a good piano mover by being a bit vigilant on their selection and careful on what you want. To get these kinds of professionals, simply call around to your local piano stores, piano teachers, and piano technicians and find out the movers they regularly use. This way, you can be assured of getting the most reliable and high quality piano movers out there in the market to help you out. But whichever piano moving service you settle for, ensure that it is properly insured for the safety of your instrument, or in the event that something unforeseen happens during the relocation process.

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