Ideas For Enhancing Your Piano Room

You always wanted a piano and at last you got a company specializing in piano moving in Orange County to deliver it to you safely. Pianos are expensive and one needs to put a lot of thought before getting one. The problem you are facing now is that you don’t seem to enjoy your time playing the piano. Maybe, you did not put much thought on where you would store it and you just put it in a room and left it at that.

You should know that the environment where you place your piano will determine how long you spend with you piano. If the setting is not right, you can find yourself spending less time and eventually you can lose interest in your piano altogether. The following are tips on how you can make changes to your piano room to make it more conducive:

Get a piano bench

Piano bench

You should never use a chair on your piano. They are usually very uncomfortable and they promote a bad posture. Chairs with arms limit your hand’s movement and you can get tired easily since you have to put in more effort when navigating through the keyboard. A bench on the other hand is usually very comfortable and allows you to sit up upright. You can get one that is adjustable to position yourself more comfortably.

The right temperature

If you have your piano stashed in a basement, then you probably don’t get to play it more often. Basements are cold and nobody loves cold. Ensure that you place your piano in a room that has the right temperatures. A cold room tenses your body and makes it hard to move the fingers smoothly. A warm room is more inviting and allows you to spend more time on your piano.

Good lighting

Ensure that you have enough lighting around your piano to avoid straining too much on the keys. If your room is not well lit, you can add an extra lamp. This may sound old fashion but lamps tend to add a great ambiance in a room and they are pretty too. This will lighten the mood in your piano room. Bad lighting can cause you to hunch forward too much and you can easily hurt your back. Straining too much can also cause headaches.

Easily accessible

Out of sight, out of mind! This statement applies to your piano too. If you have it stashed away in a basement or in a secluded room that you barely get to visit, then that will be the last thing on your mind. If it is placed too far from the common room, you may not feel the need to go where it is. Therefore, it helps if you place your piano in a room you frequent. You can consider placing it in your lounge where there is a couch or even a TV. This can be a great way to involve your family in your hobby as you bond.

Accessorize the walls

When you are not staring at the keys on your piano, you probably find yourself staring at the wall before you as you savor the sounds. You may want to accessorize the wall a bit by placing the items that uplift your spirit. You can try hanging family portraits or a painting that you love. You can even place a white board where you write down your routine. A wall clock would also fit in perfectly and you can time your practice sessions accordingly.

Bottom line

Piano playing is one of the hobbies that are meant to be enjoyable. If you don’t enjoy playing your piano, chances are high you may not spend too much time on it. You don’t have to regret investing in a piano as this is one gift that you can leave to your children.

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