How To Minimize Damages When Storing Your Piano

Most people will advise you against piano storage because of some of the consequences that are associated with it. For some, it may sound like a great idea especially when there is no other option. Others may choose to simply leave the piano untouched unless they are moving to a new home.

It is important to know how you can effectively minimize damages when you are planning to put your piano in storage. This ensures that in the future you get the opportunity to play and enjoy your instrument without any regrets.

Problems with piano storage

As a piano owner, you probably understand that the piano should be kept in ideal temperature condition and a particular humidity level to preserve its value and condition. You are also aware that the piano should be kept away from direct sunlight, windows, vents, fireplaces and the like, which cause unbearable temperature and humidity fluctuations that may harm your instrument.

Extreme temperature and humidity are known to cause deterioration of the piano wool cloth, out-of-tune instrument, warping in the wood and bad finish in the instrument. That is why it is important to work with the safest ways of storing your piano.

Finding a good storage facility


There are companies that not only provide moving services for delicate instruments such as pianos and organs but also offer storage facilities for these instruments. In that case, you need to find a storage facility that offers climate-controlled storage space for the piano. In addition, the storage facility should be able to keep dust level to the minimum. The facility should be completely waterproof. Your best bet when selecting a storage space for your piano would be a cooler place rather than a warmer space.

Handling the piano

Before you put your instrument into storage, you need to clean it first. The piano should be thoroughly cleaned and polished. Once you are done with cleaning, you should cover the keys with good clothing and close the lid to keep off dust. If you have hired piano movers in San Diego to move the piano, it is highly recommendable to wrap it with a blanket before transit. Moreover, you can find a good protective cover to put over the whole piano as well as the blanket.

Use piano moving services

So much damage can occur when moving the piano. That is why you need to hire professional piano movers to help you move the instrument safely. It is important for the piano to stay leveled during transit. In addition, it should be moved using the right equipment. These are all things that can be effectively done by professional piano movers.  Piano specialists understand how much the instrument means to you and will do anything in their will to offer as much care and respect when handling your piano.

Tuning the piano

A piano does not get tuned quite as often as you may think. This is because of its ability to stay in-tune for a relatively longer period. Furthermore, a great deal of pianists hires professionals to help them tune the instrument over time. As such, many piano owners actually pay less attention to tuning until they hear an imperfect pitch.

The worst thing about waiting to hear an imperfect pitch is that it will cost you doublet when you hire a professional to fix the problem compared to what you would have spent by fixing the problem earlier. Ensure that the piano is tuned before and after storage.

When it comes to piano storage, you should always consider hiring piano experts because they have the knowledge and experience to ensure it is properly moved and put into storage. You should also ensure that the piano is tuned occasionally.

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