How Much Does A Piano Cost?

You really do not need to feel embarrassed or confused if you want to purchase a piano but have no idea from where to begin. It is quite common to see first-time piano buyers asking questions like, ‘How much does a piano cost?’ If you ever survey the market, you will see that piano is an expensive instrument and therefore must be purchased smartly. It is nothing less than any important investment. This means that it is wise to estimate costs to figure out whether you have the necessary budget to purchase the piano.

Pianos and their varieties


Just like all other products, you will surely find a huge array of pianos as you head towards surveying the market. From grand to console and from acoustic to digital, you will be surely surprised to see what market is offering you. The price range of these pianos varies according to their size, style and of course features. While some pianos are of almost two hundred dollars, there are a few models that are of more than hundred thousand dollars as well. This means that you can actually spend as little or as much you want to on a piano. It all depends on your budget.

The most important thing to remember here is that you should never base your decision on the price of the piano only. Although it is an important factor to consider, there are some other things as well which you should pay more attention. For instance, you must consider who would be playing the piano. Analyze your usage with respect to the skill level. Question yourself about its usage and where you would keep in your home and how frequent you would have to move it in the near future.

Ask important questions when you want to purchase a piano

When purchasing a piano, you would have to consider a few other things as well that can affect your overall budget. This includes the following:

• What are delivery charges charged by the dealer?

• Do you have to purchase a piano bench as well or is it included in the deal? Remember that purchasing a piano bench can increase your cost by fifty dollars to five hundred dollars.

• Check whether the dealer is offering a trade up or not. If he does, it means that whenever you buy a new piano later, part of the price of your current piano will be applied to it. This signifies that you will manage to save some money in future as well.

• Does the manufacturer or the dealer offer any warranty?

Buying a piano can be an overwhelming experience especially when you love music. It is important that you only purchase that piano which appeals to you the most. This is how you will enjoy to maximum when you play it. Some experts recommend buying a piano that is slightly above the capability of the user so that it keeps on inspiring him as he advances in his skills.

Should you buy a used piano in invest in a new one?

Piano happens to be a durable musical instrument. It can serve you for many years if you take proper care of it. The average life span of a piano is estimated to be forty years. This means that the rate of depreciation for pianos is very low. No doubt, a piano is an expensive musical instrument when compared with other options; it is still worth making an investment because of its high durability.

When purchasing a piano, check whether you can afford to purchase a new one or you can settle for a second hand piano. When purchasing a used piano, always remember to bring a pianist, a piano tuner, piano teacher or a technician who can inspect the instrument and quote a price before you purchase it. There are some people who purchase the piano mere for home decoration purpose. They only purchase the piano that can complement their room furnishing.

Some keys points to remember

When checking the prices of pianos, always remember:

• Price of the piano should never limit your decision making. You can always find a piano that fall in your budget, but it is more important that the piano you purchase meets your needs. Otherwise, you will never enjoy playing it.

• The price of pianos depends on the type and size.

• Other add-ons like foot pedals for digital pianos, delivery charges and bench can affect your budget.

• It is better to contact a reputable dealer because you will have a number of options to consider.

Once you have purchased the piano you are satisfied with, it is important that you take good care of it. Piano is a very delicate instrument and needs specialized attention. One good tip is that whenever you plan to shift your home, make sure you consult specialized piano movers in San Fernando Valley to assist you during the shifting process.

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