Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will be able to learn everything you need or want to know about moving, toring, transporting and handling pianos from the Affordable Piano Moving Experts. This is ere to answer all the questions we get asked frequently and some things we think you simply eed to know.

Why not move a piano yourself?

This is one of those questions that if you don’t ask before finding out on your own, will likely nd up with a broken or damaged piano on your hands. The expertise, care and skill required o move a piano is something that can be only acquired through years of handling those gentle and heavy musical instruments. They are heavier than a fridge or a washer/drier and s delicate as a glass music box.

To give you an idea: pianos can range in weight from 300 lbs. to 1000 lbs. and above. With some lifting equipment and a couple of strong men you could likely move the unit yourself. However there are a great many other things to consider besides its weight alone that could detrimentally affect the quality of the piano. Among them are the inner workings of the instrument and it being vulnerable to humidity and temperature changes. Transportation in a vehicle that is not fit to transport a piano can cause irreparable damage.

How can our company afford to have those low flat rates?

The simple answer is ­ a good business sense. Saving on overheads allows to pass on the savings to you ­ our customers. We have many frequent and return clients that keep us busy all the time ­ we are never losing money because of idleness. And the most important bit ­ we have not once had to pay for a damaged piano. This is our best testimony of quality of work ­ it brings clients, saves on advertising costs, and keeps insurance premiums to the minimum.

On top of that, we own all of our equipment, including the trucks and storage facilities. All of this saves us a great deal of expenses and lowers our price to be the most affordable you can get.

Is there anywhere I can put a piano I’m not using at the moment but don’t want to sell?

Absolutely. Storing a piano can be tricky, a basement is too humid, and attics are too cold and hard to reach. Regular storage facilities are the same as basements or attics ­ putting it in one of them is the same as hitting it with a sledge hammer ­ it will never play again. But we have a solution that works.

We can offer a cozy, climate controlled storage facility for your piano, where it will not be subjected to any humidity or temperature changes that could warp the wood or cause rust on the delicate metal parts inside. Such damages can be devastating to a piano or organ and only a proper storage facility can prevent them.

Don’t take any chances with your piano ­ hire a professional! Call us now for additional information about our area of operation, prices and additional services.