Facts And Myths About Moving A Piano

Moving has always been stressful and tedious work that needs a lot of fore-planning and careful moving arrangement. There are specialized movers who specifically help you move sensitive items such as pianos and organs which need extra care and expertise when handling. San Diego piano movers offer locals in the area with these types of services. Let’s take a look at how questions are answered based on facts and myths that surround piano moving.

Who can move the piano?

Myth: Not much professional help is needed in moving a piano and anyone can do it.

Fact: You need to understand that moving pianos is a specialty and needs professionals. The average piano weighs between 400 to 900 pounds and the grand pianos can weigh up to 1300 pounds or even more. The prize of a piano is based on the model, make, age and condition and they can range from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Pianos are also bulky and they come in different shapes and sizes. With all these factors in mind, you can see why moving a piano is a unique situation. Most household movers are trained to handle normal furniture and household appliances but when it comes to your piano ask yourself if you are willing to take a risk by placing it under these movers. The risks not only involve the piano itself but it also places a risk to the movers who can sustain substantial injuries if the piano is not handled properly.

How many people can move a piano?


Myth: It would take many people to move a piano due to its delicate nature.

Fact: While this may sound correct, we need to know that moving a piano does not require brute force. Try to imagine 7 or so people trying to manhandle a piano as they move it. They pull , flip it, push back and forth trying to get the right angles and so forth then the same is repeated from the truck to the house. Piano movers on the other hand believe in leverage. They use special techniques and equipment and this enables them to move the piano effortlessly.

Are piano movers safe?

Myth: Piano movers are always safe.

Fact: It is agreed that placing your piano in the hands of a professional piano mover is better than any other means. However, we are all humans and there is room for error. The good thing is a piano mover uses his knowledge and experience to assess the situation and then offers his opinion and possible options of moving the piano with fewer risks involved. However, you should understand that sometimes situations can get out of hand.

Who should I call to move a piano?

Myth: Any professional mover can do the job.

Fact: Just like any other industry, not all businesses are the same. It is best to research and find for yourself the best piano moving company in your area. Some movers may use shortcuts or even do things hastily and unprofessionally and this may spell disaster for you. Ask for referrals from your friends or neighbours who have procured these services in the past.

Is it easy to move a piano?

Myth: You do not need much planning to move a piano from point A to point B.

Fact: Most people think that moving a piano is not a hard task and is just like any other move. Before you make your move a reality it is important to give yourself ample time to plan. You need time to check around for the best piano movers around your area and book an appointment. Meet the movers and give them the time and day of your move. This way, movers will make the necessary arrangements needed before hand. Planning ahead avoids doing things in a rush and this ensures that your piano is safely delivered to the destination.

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