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6 Great Tips for Hiring a Reliable Piano Mover

So, it is time to move your new home and all your precious things have to be taken care of. Piano being one of the prized possessions for all the music lovers requires that extra care and effort because of its delicate components because although it is not the largest item in your home but […]

Why Do You Need To Tune A Piano After It Has Been Moved?

The piano is undoubtedly a complex instrument. Utmost care should be taken when moving it from one place to another. This is because there are very delicate parts in the instrument that could lead to poor performance. Typically, a piano has over 200 strings and numerous moving parts that work in harmony to produce the […]

How To Minimize Damages When Storing Your Piano

Most people will advise you against piano storage because of some of the consequences that are associated with it. For some, it may sound like a great idea especially when there is no other option. Others may choose to simply leave the piano untouched unless they are moving to a new home. It is important […]

What You Need To Know About Storage Services For Pianos

Pianos are heavy. They also take up much space at home or wherever they are placed. There will always come a time when these spectacular musical instruments may not be used for quite some time especially when you are moving from one place to another. With this, you will need to store them. How you […]

Keeping Your Piano Safe By Dehumidifying Its Surroundings

Planning on moving to a high humid area? You don’t have a choice but you are worried about your piano and how the move can affect it. You are right to worry since high humidity conditions can easily damage your piano. The moving part is usually easy since all you have to do is hire […]

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Ideas For Enhancing Your Piano Room

You always wanted a piano and at last you got a company specializing in piano moving in Orange County to deliver it to you safely. Pianos are expensive and one needs to put a lot of thought before getting one. The problem you are facing now is that you don’t seem to enjoy your time […]

What Is The Effect Of Humidity On My Piano After A Move?

A piano is essentially made out of wood. This means that it can be affected by environmental conditions such as humidity. The effect of humidity on wooden objects usually involves warping and swelling. When the humidity is low, it causes shrinking and cracking on wooden parts. As such, high and low humidity is not good […]

How Do I Handle A Baby Grand Piano Move?

With large items such as sofas, furniture, electronics and the like, it can be challenging to move bulky items from one place to another, especially when you are relocating out of town. The piano is no exception when it comes to moving large items. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a piano or relocate […]

When Should I Retune A Piano After Moving It?

When you move a piano, there is bound to be bumping and jostling around and this can get the piano out of tune. Pianos are very expensive and delicate so ensure that you get the best piano movers in Orange County who will guarantee that your piano reaches its destination in one piece. One commonly […]