The Anatomy of A Piano

The piano was introduced almost three hundred years ago. Ever since then, it has a special place in the hearts of people because of its unique characteristics. When you play a note on the piano keyboard, you will hear a sound. This may sound pretty simple in the beginning but as you explore the parts […]

How Much Does A Piano Cost?

You really do not need to feel embarrassed or confused if you want to purchase a piano but have no idea from where to begin. It is quite common to see first-time piano buyers asking questions like, ‘How much does a piano cost?’ If you ever survey the market, you will see that piano is […]

Moving A Piano And Hiring Piano Movers

If there is one stressing time in a person’s life, it is when moving from one location to another. What with all the preparations and minute details to make sure the move goes as planned? The move can be particularly very stressful if a person has not hired the right people o help move delicate […]

How Can A Piano Be Protected Well While In Storage?

A piano is a very delicate musical instrument that must be handled with utmost care when being moved from one location place to another, or even while in storage. As it is a huge instrument in both weight and size, it becomes a daunting task to move or store it from one location to another […]