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6 Great Tips for Hiring a Reliable Piano Mover

So, it is time to move your new home and all your precious things have to be taken care of. Piano being one of the prized possessions for all the music lovers requires that extra care and effort because of its delicate components because although it is not the largest item in your home but […]

7 Tips to Safely Move a Piano

People have an emotional attachment with their piano, which is probably the centerpiece of their living room. A piano is a heavy, fragile, as well as, an expensive item. When it comes to moving a piano, it requires some planning and serious efforts. They are extremely heavy and their finishes are very vulnerable to scratches, […]

Are You Searching For A Piano Storage Unit?

Are you planning to move your piano soon? It is important to find out what kind of services that different moving and storage companies offer before you let them handle the moving and storage of your precious piano. There are affordable professional piano movers whose specific duty is the safe transportation of your piano safely […]


The Five Things You Need to Know to Move a Piano

If you are planning on shifting your home from one location to the next, it is important that you hire a mover, or call a packing and moving company. This is because you may have several items that are fragile, or are large and difficult to move. If you have a piano, then you are […]

Useful Piano Care and Maintenance Tips

Given the size and complexity of a piano, it might seem like too much hassle is involved in the maintenance of the instrument. It is better to care of your piano to avoid the headaches that damage to the instrument might cost you. That is why you should learn more about how to clean your […]

How To Make A Piano Purchase Wisely

When shopping for a piano, you should consider the needs of the person who will be playing the piano in your house. You should also determine the longevity of the piano. In average household conditions, a good piano will last about forty to fifty years before developing any severe functional problems. Many pianos last longer […]

Tips for Transporting a Piano

If you ever decide to move to a new home, transporting your furniture can become a difficult task. If you own a piano, then you understand how delicate a piano can be, and that transporting a piano can prove to be especially challenging. Making sure that the piano arrives at the destination without any damages […]

Why Do You Need To Tune A Piano After It Has Been Moved?

The piano is undoubtedly a complex instrument. Utmost care should be taken when moving it from one place to another. This is because there are very delicate parts in the instrument that could lead to poor performance. Typically, a piano has over 200 strings and numerous moving parts that work in harmony to produce the […]

How To Minimize Damages When Storing Your Piano

Most people will advise you against piano storage because of some of the consequences that are associated with it. For some, it may sound like a great idea especially when there is no other option. Others may choose to simply leave the piano untouched unless they are moving to a new home. It is important […]

What You Need To Know About Storage Services For Pianos

Pianos are heavy. They also take up much space at home or wherever they are placed. There will always come a time when these spectacular musical instruments may not be used for quite some time especially when you are moving from one place to another. With this, you will need to store them. How you […]