Are You Searching For A Piano Storage Unit?

Are you planning to move your piano soon? It is important to find out what kind of services that different moving and storage companies offer before you let them handle the moving and storage of your precious piano. There are affordable professional piano movers whose specific duty is the safe transportation of your piano safely from point A to point B. However, you do need to consider a few key issues.

An organ or piano is a special and delicate instrument that needs to be maintained and taken care of if you want it to maintain its sound quality. You can compare the task of moving and storing a piano to taking care of a baby during alternating climates. If it gets too cold or too hot, the baby will fall sick. The same logic applies to a piano, if it is stored in a place that is too humid or too dry, it will lose the quality of the sound it produces.

In certain cases, you may want to move the piano into a storage unit as you are not going to use it for a specific period of time. If this is so, here’s what you need to know:

Hiring a professional moving and storage company is crucial


If you hire a professional piano moving and storage company, you will be in safe hands. This is because such companies know how to handle the moving process for large instruments like the piano and have appropriate storage units for you to store the piano.

Certain moving and storage providers have additional services such as periodically helping you to maintain the piano under their storage. This should give you a good night’s sleep because it saves you the hustle of having to make a trip down to the storage unit to maintain the piano.

Today, there are many Los Angeles piano movers who are also in the piano storage unit business. Besides choosing a provider based on your budget and needs, make sure you also spend some time researching their credibility based on testimonials from past customers.

A climate-controlled unit will provide the best storage environment for pianos

When you are put your piano into storage, you want to make sure that it is in a good working condition when you retrieve it from the storage unit. One way of ensuring this is by opting for a climate controlled storage unit. Fluctuating temperatures can have a negative effect on the wood, keys, and strings so the climate control feature can help to tackle this problem.

Humidity is the worst thing that can happen to a piano. This is because excess moisture can cause the strings to rust. Piano strings are not rust proof.  If a piano is not stored in a climate-controlled room, the strings will eventually corrode.

Temperature can affect the tuning of the piano. If the piano is kept in extremely cold conditions, the piano will go flat. On the other hand, if the piano is kept in extremely hot conditions then it will go sharp. Temperature also affects the shape of the piano. In cold conditions, the wood will contract and in hot conditions, it will expand. A distorted piano structure will affect the sound produced. With so many temperature and humidity factors, it is not hard to see why a climate-controlled unit is ideal.

The space of the storage facility

The space that you rent should be big enough to store the piano on its legs. A piano should never be stored on its side. This will cause considerable damage to the instrument and it will cost you heaps to repair the damage. If you have hired a piano moving and storage company to store your piano, ensure that the space they are going to keep your piano is spacious enough to accommodate your precious piano or organ.

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