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woman preparing piano for move Moving and storing pianos or organs is what we do best. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years and can guarantee a service beyond anything you can hope for. With us your piano will be so pampered that it won’t even notice the move itself.

Piano Moving

piano moverMoving those delicate and heavy musical instruments is our bread and butter. We do no other type of moves and focus on staying aware of all nuances of handling those gentle giants. We stay tuned to the new technologies that become available to make our services efficient and safe for your piano. We provide a safe and secure move for your piano and peace of mind for you.

We specialize and do not do anything else but move pianos and organs, realizing that the task is so specific as to require special training of staff and highly specialized equipment. We are repeatedly hired by regular customers, who are both private owners and vendors. It is our greatest source of pride and the most convincing testimony of our quality of service that we have acquired a whole list of repeated clients who seek our services again.


piano storage facility in LAOrgan Movers

An organ has a fine delicate inner structure which is even easier to disturb than that of a piano, and it takes knowledge, experience and the touch of a caring professional to transport it safely. Unlike a piano, a disturbed organ is harder and more expensive to set right, and we make sure you will not have to.

Difficult Piano Moves

A narrow stairwell or a tiny elevator is the nightmare of any mover, and its ten times more so with piano movers. The instrument is hard enough to transport safely as it is, let alone having to do it under extreme conditions. We are proud to say ­ this does not scare us one bit. We employ cranes and other lifting technologies that can lift your piano and tuck it safely into a balcony window or down a steep basement stairway. We stay on top of things and use the best tech available for piano transportation available in the market.

piano moving down the stairsCall us today to find out why we are the number one at what we do and be pleasantly surprised with our prices!

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