7 Tips to Safely Move a Piano

People have an emotional attachment with their piano, which is probably the centerpiece of their living room. A piano is a heavy, fragile, as well as, an expensive item. When it comes to moving a piano, it requires some planning and serious efforts. They are extremely heavy and their finishes are very vulnerable to scratches, nicks, and dents.

Transporting a piano safely and efficiently is not an easy task as it requires equipment and lifting techniques, to move them up and down stairs, into an elevator, or in tight spaces. Pianos are heavy and even a small upright piano can weigh more than 350 pounds. You might consider a DIY for moving your piano, but there are experienced professional movers who actually know how to move a piano.

If you have made your mind to move the piano yourself, here are some helpful tips so as to avoid any damage to the instrument and injury to your home and your back.

  1. Have a team

Since pianos are quite heavy, you need a few extra hands to help. The average upright piano will need at least four people to properly and safely move it. Most of the weight of the uprights is in their top half, while their legs and the lower part are quite delicate. A team of four or more is needed, usually two for the actual lifting and two for handling the equipment and moving into the truck. Also, the team should wear comfortable clothes and sneakers.

  1. Right tools and equipment

Depending on the type of a piano, you will need some equipment and tools which you can either rent or purchase. You will need heavy-duty straps to hold on the piano itself. The padding or moving blankets are needed to protect the piano from any bumps and packing tape to secure the blanket. Further, to support the weight of the piano, you require a furniture dolly. You can use the straps to tie the piano to the dolly and in the moving truck.

  1. Pay attention to the Keyboard

The keys of the piano are brittle and need special care. Therefore, you need to make sure before moving a piano that keyboard lid is to properly close and locked. The lid should be closed and locked, and stuffed with a blanket for extra protection. While wrapping the keyboard, don’t use tape as this will damage the wood surface.

  1. Carefully wrap the Piano

For wrapping the piano, you will need a thick blanket or padding to keep it protected from any bumps and cracks. Ensure that the corners of the piano are sealed and secure the blanket with packing tape.

  1. Proper lifting is the key

Lifting is the serious part and needs proper attention. The piano must never be lifted by its legs, whether you are lifting it onto the furniture dolly, the truck, or to another location within the house. Maintaining the balance is the top priority and always keep the piano in the upright position.

With a team of four people, each one must be supporting the four corners to lift the piano onto the furniture dolly. Two people should move straps under the piano’s bottom. Now make sure that the piano legs are sitting flat on the dolly.

  1. Lift and secure it in the truck

Now, it’s the time to lift the piano from the dolly onto the planks. The moving straps are to be used to secure the piano to the truck wall. The best and safest place for the piano is at the back of the moving truck, next to the wall that separates the truck’s interior cab from the cargo space. To prevent the piano from moving during the drive, you should place many boxes around it to support it.

  1. Reaching the destination

On reaching the destination, all you need to do is to reverse the above-motioned steps. Now, it’s time to tune your piano. However, it is better to give the instrument some time to settle into its new environment.

You know how heavy, fragile and expensive your piano is and it is tricky to pull it off without damaging yourself or the instrument. Nevertheless, you can still do it but when your emotions are attached to something, don’t take a risk. Such a delicate task is better performed by an experienced, licensed, as well as, insured professional piano mover.

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