6 Great Tips for Hiring a Reliable Piano Mover

So, it is time to move your new home and all your precious things have to be taken care of. Piano being one of the prized possessions for all the music lovers requires that extra care and effort because of its delicate components because although it is not the largest item in your home but is most likely to be the heaviest.

Having said that, one should never indulge into any sort of DIY move as it can be very risky for you as well as for the non-experts assisting you with the same. You will be glad to know that just like other movers and packers there are professional piano moving companies that can safely transport your pianos to its prescribed destination saving you with all the hassle and stress, which you would have undergone otherwise.

When you hire a professional piano moving company, its team takes the full responsibility for carrying out the relocation task without damaging your piano or other things. Here is how you can choose a reliable piano mover in your city-

Do some research

Before heading out to hire a moving company, make sure you do enough research on your end. There are numerous moving companies operating in the market and finding the one that would be suitable for your needs would obviously require some effort from your side. Since not every company can be alike in terms of quality and experience, it is advised to gather information about each one of them and see how well their customers are rating them. To do that, you can surf through websites that are specially designed to provide product and service reviews. Additionally, take references from friends, family, and relatives and ask about their experiences. Positive word of mouth would be the best tool to measure the status of the company.

Go Local

While short listing the piano moving companies, you might feel stuck in the decision of whether to go for a company located in your area or some other city. It may be due to the varied prices or services being offered by them. But what you might forget to consider is that a company located in a distant area may charge you additional costs and difficult to be verified. So, always make sure that you hire a moving company which is locally owned and operated and serves the community in the most reliable manner.

Consider the experience

This is one of the key factors determining the safe relocation of your valuable piano. A piano moving company that has been in the same line of business since years is better than an amateur company any day. An experienced company understands the fragile nature of this musical instrument and assures its relocation in safe and sound condition. So, while searching for piano movers, always look out for someone having a well-established presence with good work experience in moving pianos. But beware of companies claiming to be experts and don’t fall prey to their false promises and low charges.

Ask for cost estimations

Another aspect to be considered is the costs charged by the company for moving your piano. The cost is usually dependent on the location where the piano is kept currently and the distance of the move. Planning to move a piano within the house is different from relocating it all-together to a new city. The cost of short distance will be comparatively lesser than the costs of moving the piano to a more distant place obviously. Moreover, if the moving involves stairs, then there will be additional charges too. So, when you list down the various moving companies, make sure you compare the charges of each one of them to avoid spending more.

Equipped with the right tools and equipment

Professional moving companies are equipped with specialized tools and machines to carry the heavy load of piano safely. Their equipment is designed in such a way that can handle even the toughest of pianos. Moreover, such companies also provide you with moving trucks to take a piano to its destination on time. So, seeking expert help when it comes to relocating the piano can always have you rest assured of its transportation and handling in a safe and efficient manner.

Check for license and insurance coverage

Piano moving companies that are duly certified by the local government always ensures the services of great efficiency. The team of a certified moving company undergoes through professional training and learns the right skills to complete piano relocation. Getting a license is indeed an indication of carrying out legitimate business activities and also an ability to provide services to the community. Moreover, a reliable company always provides insurance coverage, the charges of which are usually included in the fee charged by it, to reimburse you if any damage happens to your piano. So, always double check these things before you take your final decision.

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