5 Reasons Why You Can Trust Us with Your Piano Move

Over 20 Years of Piano Moving Experience.​Piano moving companies seem to be all over the place, but if you look closely ­ they are all new in the business. Why? After a few years of moving pianos, they disappear and new ones take their place. We on the other hand have been in this business for over twenty years and no one can claim more experience than us in piano moving. We know the roads, we know the instruments and we know how to keep them safe.

Enjoy Worry Free Moving.​We know how valuable the piano is for you. Those instruments often hold sentimental value that is beyond their actual price, and we know you want to make sure they remain safe. We don’t damage the pianos we move. This isactually the reason we are in business for so long ­ we don’t ever receive claims. Other companies damage one or two pianos, get the claims, see the bills,and quickly fold their operations. They just can’t handle the liability. We keep ourselves in business by keeping your piano a 100% safe. It’s that simple.

We use Equipment that is Designed for moving Pianos.​Our piano moving equipment is specialised. Some companies do the horrible mistake of using equipment that is used to move fridges or furniture to move those heavy and extremely delicate musical instruments. We wouldn’t even think of using anything but a specially designed, a 100% compatible piano moving lifting and transportation tools. Small moves, big moves, large pianos or small ones ­ over a wall, through a window, up a balcony or down the basement stair ­ we’ll get it there safe and sound.

Just in case, we have Full cargo insurance coverage​. This means your piano is fully insured against anything that may happen during transit. To add to the piano’s safety, our trucks have a 2,000 lbs. capacity lift ramp that rises ever so gently to lift your piano into the truck. On the inside, our trucks are completely padded and carpeted for added full protection and are completely enclosed from rain, extreme temperatures and humidity. Special straps are used to secure a piano safely into place so it doesn’t move even an inch during transit.

We Specialize in Pianos ONLY.​This is the best reason to trust us ­ we don’t move anything else. We aren’t one of those companies that does moves and also dabbles in pianos. We don’t take odd jobs on the side either. We move nothing else at all ­ all of our vast 20 year experience is focused on moving pianos. Large ones, small ones, and even Royal Pianos. We know everything about them and our service is dedicated to their exclusive safety in transportation. With us your piano is in good hands.

Los Angeles Piano Movers

Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Fernando Valley Piano Movers

If you are looking to move your piano, then you just made a step in the right direction, and that’s the only step you need to make because we will take it from here. We are a local, privately owned company serving all of Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties. We are proud to have acquired over twenty years of experience by dutifully and safely transporting pianos, organs and royal pianos for companies and private owners. Many loved and delicate musical instruments were carefully moved from one home to another or between stores.

We pride ourselves on never damaging an instrument, overcharging a client or being late for a job. All of our equipment is specialized for moving pianos, we use no tools that is used for furniture or heavy appliances. Piano moving gear is made to be delicate as well as strong ­ it is built not just to lift or hold the heavy instrument in place, it is designed to do it slowly and softly so as to preserve the inner workings of the machine. This is what had kept us in this business for so long a time. New companies use generic moving equipment or don’t specialize, taking general moving jobs and combining them with piano transportation.

We would not dream of endangering your precious instrument this in such a careless manner. We take no odd jobs and do piano moves only. Our experience is not only vast in terms of years, it is highly focused to handle this specific type of job. We use at least three movers per instrument and do it with great care.

Our trucks are fully lined with carpets and blankets, equipped with soft straps to gently hold the piano in place during the ride and are fully weatherproofed. Humidity and temperature must be maintained at a certain level to keep the mechanism, strings and the wood safe. For difficult moves, such as up onto balconies, we employ specialized cranes and lifting equipment that will keep the piano safe on the way up and in, lifting it ever so slowly.

In case you need a place to keep your prized possession safe between homes or during a big move, be careful not to store it in a regular warehouse. Changes in humidity and temperatures might cause warping of the wood and damage the internal workings of the instrument. To keep it safe we can provide storage facilities that maintain a stable level of humidity and temperature that is especially optimized for piano or organ storage. They are far from outside walls and have a full internal weather control system that you can rely on to keep your piano safe.

We also provide tuning services after the transportation to get your loved musical instrument back in proper order as soon a it is settled in the new place. Stay safe with Affordable Piano Moving.

Hiring Professional Piano Movers

Moving piano is not a DIY task. Pianos are not only extremely heavy but also have an unusual shape which may injure you or damage to the instrument if handled incorrectly. So, to avoid injuries and protect your instrument, hiring professional piano movers is essential.

Only professional piano movers have the tools and knowledge of lifting your bulky and fragile piano. As an experienced professional piano mover, we specialize in moving different types of pianos regularly. Whether you want to move your beloved piano locally or want a long distance service, Affordable Piano Movers is the right choice. Our team of expert movers is skilled in packing and moving pianos of every shape and size. We use custom-made crates and high-quality packaging materials for moving and have climate controlled facilities for storing your instrument.

We understand how delicate and expensive pianos are and make sure to protect each and every part of it with packaging materials. To prevent scratches and other damages, we wrap the piano in protective blankets and use special belts to secure the instrument on to the skid. After this, the piano is placed onto a dolly and then rolled towards the exit by our expert piano movers.

In addition to moving your piano from one location to another, we also offer storage services. So, if you require storage for your piano, we can help you! At Affordable piano Movers, we make sure to store your piano at a constant and stable temperature, away from direct sunlight and fireplaces to maintain their condition. Moreover, we know how to store your keyboard on a clean, dust-free and properly leveled surface.

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